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Monitor Your Belongings- an Easy Way of Moving

Do you ever get that feeling that you forgot or lost something after moving? You unpacked everything, you emptied all the boxes, yet you have this feeling of something is missing. This could be very irritating and based from experience, it could be very frustrating. You can’t think straight assuming that you forgot something and you will never get it back because you’re miles away. So an important reminder for everyone who are planning to move. Always keep a checklist or a list, doesn’t matter what you call it. This is important especially for those moving to another state or another country. Remember, shipping fee for international package isn’t cheap. So let’s get to it. This is about to get really interesting and fun.

What do I include?


Remember, when making a list, make one for everything. Most people only make list of the things they’re going to bring. Why not make another list for the things you decided to throw away, give away or sell? This will fully provide clarity to all of your belongings when you’ve already moved. Example case scenario, your husband is looking for his antique wall clock and he keeps assuming that you forgot to put it in one of the box, but in reality he agreed for the clock to be sold. Show him that list and that’s a win for you. Moving entails an organized way of managing the things you want to bring and the things you want to leave.

My Packing List

Remember, don’t just toss anything in one box. Categorize or segregate your belongings. For example, one box for books and one box for kitchenware (important reminder when packing kitchenware make use of wadded-up packing paper to contain each piece). It is also important to make a list of your most valuable belongings like jewelry, photography equipment, etc. Some people even include sub-categories for their boxes. For example, clothing, under clothing are shirts, pants, shoes and leg warmers. This may take time, so remember to invest as much time as you can when preparing to move. So remember, it doesn’t matter if your penmanship is terrible, the important thing is, keep your packing list organized.

Makes Things Easier

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Ask every member of the family to make their own list. This is a mistake, to give the task to one person. It would be a nightmare hearing everyone complained because you forgot something. So the steps are simple. First, know the things you will be bringing and the things you will be leaving. Make a list and categorize that list. Make sure to check if the list is filled. This is the brilliance of having a packing list. Avoid packing too much, as much as possible, get rid of the things you no longer need. Another important reminder, pack your things ahead of time. Not before the day you’re moving. Packing early gives you more time to cherish your last moments with the home you are about to leave. Don’t start crying now.